Review on solo exhibition
"Shadow Play and the Art of Utako Shindo"
by John Yau

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Catalogue Essay

"Excavating an Immanent Future"

Obfuscation & Delineation; Navigating the boundaries of the Australian Contemporary Photography
10.15 - 10.30.2022
Clinic, Tokyo


Benjamin Hosking

/ Untitled (from 'winter sutra'),
by /Utako Shindo, for Drawing Tube's SIGNALS

Poem and photos contributed to 'Signals', an online platform operated by Drawing Tube, the collective who resonsider 'drawing practice'.

'Signals #21' (日本語版)
'Signals #21'(English Version)

The Forde Visser Archive 2020 June Issue:
In Praise of Darkenss,
Guest artist/editor: Utako Shindo

"Utako Shindo was in residence at the Forde Visser Archive Southwest from March 2019-February 2020; many of you in Santa Fe had the pleasure of meeting her. Agnes Martin was the focus—or maybe the “raft”—of her research/creative project, which always seemed adventurously, generously and openly in movement, contact and adjustment."
—Linda Swanson (aka Forde Visser)

To spend a year with our legacy of Agnes Martin I moved to New Mexico as a resident of the beautiful Forde Visser Archive Southwest, then I moved back to Tokyo just before the pandemic."
—Utako Shindo

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New Mexico Museum of Art, Public Lecture:
by Utako Shindo

"Utako Shindo Ph.D. is a Tokyo Artist, whose studio and research pursuits are the untranslatability of art and nuanced shadow-light as poetic medium. Her year-long project based in New Mexico traced Martin’s artistic path — scholarly and experientially. She is seeking a deeper understanding of how Martin’s abstractions embody ineffable life and express universal emotions. In turn, Shindo’s own art now reflects her understanding of Martin’s path. She was a Japanese government creative fellow and a resident at Forde Visser Archive Southwest, Santa Fe in 2019."
—New Mexico Museum of Art (Februay 2020)

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Geography of Space, Archaeology of Time,
Izabela Pluta & Utako Shindo
Review by Kathleen Linn on Art+Australia Online

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Collaborative exhibition poster
by Stephen Palmer & Utako Shindo

The poster accompanied the collaborative exhibition, 'postscript/, held at Boxcopy, Brisbane, 2018.

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Reminiscent of long gone by, Sutton Gallery, Melbourne,
Review by Emily Hand

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images of the exhibition

Phd Thesis: 'The Untranslatable, a Poetic Place,' Utako Shindo (2017)

Doctor of Philosophy in Fine Art, obtained through the University of Melbourne's interdisciplinary Center for Ideas


This research project is concerned with ‘the untranslatable', which I identify as that which, in art, resists translation into everyday language yet touches me lovingly and truthfully.
Through a manner of ‘poetic translation’ that is experiential and reflective as well as semantic and material, and by questioning how an artwork can embody the untranslatable, the project develops concepts to think about the untranslatable and to articulate its presence within an installation artwork that allows for new meanings to enter through audiences’ engagement with the work. Informed by philosophical, theoretical and artistic works that share concerns with the oppositional and draw our awareness towards neutral, subtle and nuanced appearances and understandings of the world, the research investigates the poetic works of art that liberate and provoke our perception and sense of being in this life-world.
(excerpt from Abstract of the thesis, p.iii)

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more info on the University of Melbourne's Online Library

'Understanding of misunderstanding'

Journal article by Utako Shindo Kanai, for The International Journal of the Image Vol.8, Issue 2, 2017
This article is based on the paper presented at the 5th International Image Conference, Berlin in 2014.

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where it is here - it does not matter - can I forget - how I have got here,
review by Dan Rule

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Exhibition catalogue essays:
'Art of [dis]-articulation' by Katsuhiko Suganuma &
'The Untranslatable, a Poetic Place' by Utako Shindo

The essays written for the solo exhibition, 'ここがどこなのか_ where it is here_どうでもいいことさ_it does not matter_どうやって来たのか_how I have got here_忘れられるかな_can I forget', held at Sutton Projects, Melbourne, 2016.

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Immanent Landscape
review by Dan Rule

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Catalogue for Immanent Landscape Exhibition in 2011

edits.: Hanae Nakao (curator) & Utako Shindo, design: UMA/design farm, publish: Oyama City Kurumaya Museum of Art

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Article 'feet through' for INTERSECTION
by Utako Shindo

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Felt Oscillation as Ma (MFA Thesis)
by Utako Shindo

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