Mokudoku -

Mokudoku -
2015 / installation
frottage and transferred images on yupo trace paper and tracing paper, acryl cube, cutting sheet
+ steal, pin, neodymium magnet, natural and LED light, air condition / dimension variable

Solo Exhibition
3 - 22 February, 2015 / Hagi Art, Tokyo


The accumulation of translation repeated. To read what your eyes will see in silence.

In both making and seeing, art is perceived differently at each time and for each person. In turn, it can be considered as space that accepts all sorts of possibility.

When we see unintentionally shadowy or trace-like images and cannot take our eyes off from them, we might be intuiting such space.

The exhibition embodies ‘translations’ that I have been attempting through tracing, projecting and transferring repeatedly. This ceaseless work further aims at unknowable something that is immanent. With our eyes’ touching in seeing, what will we read?

February 2015

Utako Shindo