Meeting and Greeting Like Shadows

/ Contributors

Hiroko & Tatsuhiko Murata

/ Directors of Youkobo Art Space

Hiroko Murata
Graduated with an MA in Sculpture from the Tokyo University of the Arts. After experiencing a number of international sculptural symposiums in the 1980s she worked as an art teacher in high schools for 20 years. She is founder of Studio Youkobo and currently the director of Youkobo Art Space.

Tatsuhiko Murata
Graduated from Keio University and worked as an engineer for the Toshiba Corporation for more than 30 years. After retiring as an engineer, he returned to college to learn about art management in Tokyo and is currently co-director of Youkobo Art Space. He has been a board member of Res Artis since 2007 and acted as vice president until 2014. He founded the Microresidence Network in 2012.


Linda Swanson

Artist, Educator, Writer, Director of Forde Visser Archive

/ Contributed an essay

Linda Swanson, aka Forde Visser, has an art practice (The Forde Visser Archive), a writing practice, and a robust educational resume. At universities, she has served as both faculty and administrator; her paintings are in the permanent collections of The Brooklyn Museum and The Newark Museum. She has collaborated with the design studio BLESS (Paris/Berlin) and is currently a writer and an editor for Openhouse Magazine (Barcelona). Recently she was a main contributor to Living In (Gestalten Books, Berlin, 2020), writing on residential architecture; and to Remote/Control: Astral Projections in Higher Ed (East of Borneo, CAL ARTS, 2021), an artist-teacher account of the challenges and opportunities during the COVID-times. Linda is curious and passionate about the potential of young artists and believes seriously and joyfully in the capacity of creative platforms, practices, and communities to change the world. Linda met Utako when they were both presenters on the same panel at The Conference on the Image in Berlin (2014). Their shared artistic concerns developed into a wonderful friendship, and in 2019 Utako was in residence at The Forde Visser Archive Southwest.


Hanae Nakao

Curator of Oyama City Kurumaya Museum of Art

/ Contributed an essay

Born in 1981. 2006 MFA, Kyoto City University of Art.
She has curated exhibitions including Owada Shun solo exhibition Explode OK Expanse (2020), Haji Oh solo exhibition Memories in Weaving (2019), Week End Yuichiro Tamura| Hiroyuki Hattori (curated by Hattori), Singing in Falsetto (curated Mizuki Endo)(2017), POJAGI as a portrait with Artworks of Haji Oh | Yui Usui solo exhibition shadow work, Yoko Asakai solo exhibition Generative Landscape (2016).


Masaru Yanagiba

/ Artwork photos

Since 1996 photographing documentations of artworks, exhibitions and others.


Double Circle Tokyo

/ Video documentation

SUSUMU MIYAZU (Producer / Fixer / Cinematographer)
Studying cinematography in London, Susumu worked the traditional way up through the ranks of the camera department in Japan as a camera assistant on numerous features, TV commercials and music videos.
As a cinematographer, he has worked primarily within the music industry shooting music videos and live concerts.
His credits as a cinematographer also include feature films, documentaries, corporate videos and reality shows.
Recently he has started to produce short documentaries.

JUSTYNA FEICHT (Producer / Editor / Cinematographer)
Graduating from film school in Germany in 2001, Justyna embarked on a career as a freelance cinematographer which includes documentary films for TV and cinemas in over 30 countries. Primarily shooting music videos, art project videos and corporate films, she also edits our in-house projects.
Her personal focus is art and design as well as traditional craft. She is a trilingual speaker of German, Polish and English.


Tae Judith Mizuno/Architect of Letters

/ Essay translation

Tae Judith Mizuno/Architect of Letters (b.1978, Japan) Currently based in Amami islands for the research and works on the culture and the environment in the archipelago.
B.A. in French Language and Literature, Language and Information Sciences, the Faculty of Letters, The University of Tokyo and M.S. in Architecture the Faculty of Engineering, The University of Tokyo.
Works in the policy of “Archive/Architecture As Letters/Language”: texts and other projects to create a space for the community to connect a variety of fields and histories.
Participating to the Drawing tube, a platform to perform the communication and practice through the drawing with actual projects and events.
Drawing Tube:


Michiyo Miyake

/ Essay translation

UGUISU website:

Michiyo Miyake is a Japanese translator and writer living in Sydney. She and Nicholas Marshall form the translation duo UGUISU. As a translator, she has worked on various art projects by Eric Baudelaire, Cerith Wyn Evans, Marco Mazzi and Haji Oh. She also translates British/American literature into Japanese and publishes articles about art and literature in the interwar period.
Her recent publications include:
Osamu Kanemura, Beta Exercise: The Theory and Practice of Osamu Kanemura. Edited by Marco Mazzi, Vincent W.J.van Gerven Oei. (punctum books, 2019).


Nanako Toyoizumi

/ Brochure design

Before working at Kitchen Sink. Inc. in Tokyo, she obtained her Bachelor Degree in Visual Design through Joshibi University of Art and Design. She is currently an active freelance graphic designer.

Youkobo Art Space

/ Youkobo Art Space

Youkobo Art Space houses its facilities and operates its programs within a building complex that was originally a medical clinic and sanatorium for tuberculosis patients from the 1950s to the 80s. After the clinic closed, a section of the property was used as a home-stay style residence for foreign artists and researchers, while another section was home to an animation studio and art class for the local community for nearly two decades. These spaces were refurbished in 2001 to officially become Youkobo Art Space. Youkobo Art Space has since facilitated a broad range of artists’ activities through an Artist-in-Residence and Gallery programs, providing artists with important resources that benefit their artistic goals.


From twirl (formerly there was Agnes Martin's art studio),Taos, New Mexico,USA, 108 y.o.. She supports Shindo's activities since their encounter in 2019. Initially joining Shindo in her residency at Youkobo, after the second declaration of emergencies under the COVID-19 crisis she cheered her remotely.

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